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Meet Your Personal Microbes – a Secret to the Leaky Gut

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 September 2019 If you are suffering from any chronic symptoms, the answer can be in your gut. Therefore it is always a great idea to check your microbiome and digestive functions with a stool test. Just in case you didn’t know or forgot, we, humans, are animals just like our pets, lions, cows, etc. We are just different species of primates, and we have a prefrontal...

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Social Anxiety – Myth or Reality?

Growing up I had no idea what social anxiety is. I was a naturally shy kid who preferred to crawl at the couch with a book rather than exposing my inferior physical skills playing with other kids. I had a vivid imagination that took me to places of fantasy lands and real geographical locations I didn’t even phantom ever visiting. Even as a blossoming young adult I preferred hiding behind a...

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3 Roads to Refresh Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

What would you do if you could change one thing about anything in your body? Would you change something in your appearance, cognition, health markers? We all have different preferences and demands. For a long time, the conventional medical profession had an opinion that brain doesn’t regenerate past a certain age. Which doesn’t make any sense anymore, as now we know of pluripotent stem cells...

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How do you know if your brain is healthy?

How do you know if your brain is healthy? You usually know your memory function, and if it’s okay or not. Such as if you can recall events in your life, that happened a long time ago or recently. From time to time due to stress or traumatic events we all experience some memory loss or lapses, but usually it does not concerning.Alzheimer’s is a dangerous brain health condition; we all know how...

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How to get Out of The Mental Daze

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 February 2018 Do you think it’s hard to custom design your life? Do you believe it’s for the rich and wealthy only? Think again!  We live in a daze of information. I have a feeling that we always lived in some daze created by somebody, or something influencing our minds, our free will, etc. Shamans call it “domestication,” science calls it “adaptation,” I call it...

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How to Truly Enjoy your Achievements

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 October 2017   Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be more joyful about your small and big achievements, and left judgmental of yourself and others? Even if you already are, how much more joy can you take? If you are like me, the chances are you don’t celebrate your successes. Big and small. I mean (maybe) saying to yourself “good job” and moving to the next thing...

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Three Unregulated Hormones that Affect your Mood

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 September 2017 Read along, and you will learn why you need to know your hormone levels from the blood or saliva tests. So you will know what to demand from your doctor. We don’t think about hormones when in our 20s, and most of us don’t even know what the are. Maybe we start thinking about it in our 30s when something goes wrong, like infertility or low libido, or...

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Even More Important than the Action

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 August 2017 There is a way to decide to do something and achieve it. Your brain has an amazing ability to help you achieve your goals when you set them in clear and precise way.  So you decided to do something, you are very motivated, time is right, conditions are perfect (well, almost), and you even told some people about your plan. You are ready to start....

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Are You a Hostage to Your Emotions ?

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M17 July 2017 There is a solid connection between aches/pains/chronic health conditions/“mysterious” health conditions and the whole world of emotions within you. And there is certainly a link between emotions and stubborn weight set point. If I had put $10 into my savings account for each time my patient realized a connection between their health issue and unresolved...

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To MRI or not to MRI?

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M20 April 2016 Do you think it’s hard to custom design your life? Do you believe it’s for the rich and wealthy only? Think again! From time to time a new patient enters my clinic complaining of physical pain of “unknown origin”. The pain been there for a while and nobody knows what it is. I have a rule to not right away treat the pain, no matter how tempting it...

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