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Functional Medicine

Acupuncture is More Effective than Medication for Headache Relief

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M14 March 2016 Acupuncture is more effective than medication in reducing the severity and frequency of chronic headaches, according to a new analysis conducted by Duke University Medical Center researchers. The National Institutes of Health recommended acupuncture as a viable treatment for chronic headaches a decade ago and, while research in this field has increased,...

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What is Happening With my Energy – Focus on Hormones

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M27 February 2016We age - it’s a normal part of life. However don’t confuse aging with getting sick, feeling bad, and having less energy. It can happen but I am looking at it not as “signs of aging” but rather “signs of imbalance/disease”. And addressing these symptoms according to the age, life situation, hormones history, menopause/andropause, nutrition, medical...

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COMT Gene and Personality Traits

COMT Gene and Personality Traits Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M27 February 2016 It provides instructions for making an enzyme called catechol-O-methyltransferase. In the brain, catechol-O-methyltransferase helps break down certain neurotransmitters – chemical messengers that conduct signals from one nerve cell to another. It is is particularly important in an area at the front of the brain called...


Will The ‘DNA Diet’ Be The Future Of Weight Loss?

What if your doctor could create a perfect diet, one based on your DNA, in order to help you lose weight? While it may sound like a concept from the future, scientists say a diet customized just for you might actually be something your doctor can help you with in the next five years. These genome-specific diets could be the answer for people trying to shed pounds where previous diets have...

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Genetic based dieting will lead to weight control in the near future

Genetic based dieting will lead to weight control in the near futureDr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M Research teams hopes doctors will be prescribing individualized diet plans in the next few years.  A group of scientist looking at data from a new study has them predicting within five years, physicians will be developing and designing diets for individuals based on their genetic make-up. The...

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The Perfect Dance of Nutrients

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M2 February 2016 Have you ever though of how precise the balance of nutrients in your blood should be to sustain life? And just how it should be to maintain health? Just a little imbalance starts the process of disease, and continues imbalance prolongs it and makes disease chronic. Have you ever though of how precise the balance of nutrients in your blood should be to...

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