3 Roads to Refresh Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

What would you do if you could change one thing about anything in your body? Would you change something in your appearance, cognition, health markers? We all have different preferences and demands.

For a long time, the conventional medical profession had an opinion that brain doesn’t regenerate past a certain age. Which doesn’t make any sense anymore, as now we know of pluripotent stem cells and science of epigenetics. We know that given right circumstances body will fight the disease and damage and will regenerate itself.

It is perhaps convenient and comfortable to accept limiting beliefs “supported by the science,” however, science is advancing rapidly, so we can, if we want, research more and start taking the health of our brain and nervous system into our own hands.

Well, I can help you to do that!

  • Neurogenesis is the birth of new neurons – cells of your nervous system.
  • Neuroplasticity is the creation of new neural connections in your brain.

I’m a big fan of both. Plus I have a DRD4 gene mutation – predisposing a person to “novelty seeking,” hence I continuously stretch my brain do all different directions. And it makes my life both interesting and challenging.

So, what can you do for your brain, you know, to ensure it’s growing, renewing, and stretching?

A lot!

All roads to brain health are running parallel. In fact, it’s one road with multiple tracks. Let’s examine them.


  • Sleep
  • Nutrition – antioxidants, organics, hydration. Stop any processed foods. Your DNA has no idea what to do with it.
  • Creative movements exercises – dancing, tai chi, qigong
  • Limit artificial blue lights
  • Fast – regularly or intermittent. Ask me if you don’t know how.
  • Do non-dominant hand movements


  • Continuously learn new skills – a new language, vocabulary
  • Create positive affirmations
  • Make goals and plans to achieve them
  • Create art – paint, make jewelry, draw, ceramics, etc.
  • Travel and see new, unusual places, mingle with locals, learn new things


  • Practice gratitude. Every day pick something new to be grateful
  • Ponder on the meaning of life. People get stuck in their belief system – get out of the box for a change. You can always go back.
  • Pay daily attention to the wonders of nature
  • Listen to people of opposite belief system.
  • Practice tolerance and acceptance.