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My Viral Recovery Protocol

It happened: I got infected by the most feared virus despite all my being careful and all. I evaded it for two and a half years, but in the end… it found me. Said that, based on the symptoms I experienced, I realized that I had it in early February 2020, and at that time, I truly feared for my life as I nearly suffocated. But I’m strong, young, and live a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully, all...


Functional Medicine Hormone Testing At Home

The most common question I get is “what is functional medicine” followed by “what do you mean I can do my hormone testing at home.”  Let me answer both briefly and precisely. Both questions also have long answers, but here I’ll be brief so you can immediately see a benefit from this kind of testing. Functional medicine is a frontier of modern scientific biochemical western medicine. It is the...

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Improve This and Feel Much Better About Yourself

Improving and maintaining health is the highest priority when we talk about quality of life. Remember, you didn’t have to think about it when you were young? That is because your body was growing rapidly making you what you are now. However at some point in your life that rapid growth stopped and maintenance started. Then again in a few years that maintenance became sluggish. There are...

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What to Expect from Integrative Medicine?

What does it like to be in holistic medical care with a modern integrative approach? here are 7 important points to know: Your sessions are on time. Your time is valuable and I make sure to see you at the time of your session. Rarely there are a few minutes to wait, but my waiting room is so relaxing it's like a pre-session. (some people come earlier to relax in my waiting room!) Your...

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It is Your Time for Quality over Quantity

We are entering into the fall, and according to the ancient Five Elements system, a time of the Metal element. It brings with it some valuable life lessons and lessons about health. It even can bring a midlife crisis!  Read on… So, what are the teachings of the Metal element, and how it can make your life better? All these aspects tie together and together they make sense. I also make it...


Turning your Stress into your Asset

'We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.' - Carlos Castaneda A stressor is a phenomenon that creates a stress response. These are people, events, memories, and subconscious triggers. And, as always there are bad news and good news. The bad news is that stressors always exist - in the past, present, future, and your own mind. There is no...


DNA, mRNA, CRISPR, and Your Life

DNA is your inherent nature. If we forget about chemical basis, it is the highest potential in the form of a puzzle in charge of your ability to exist. It is a blueprint of you.  The good news is that the concept of an individual blueprint existed through ages and cultures, and it was heavily influenced customized healthcare through traditional diagnostics and treatment. The even better news...


The Wonders of Melatonin

Many of my patients have melatonin in their list of supplements. But does it really work the same for everybody? Do you know what kind of melatonin will be good and helpful for you? You probably heard about melatonin as a supplement to help with insomnia. It is only one of the effects it has, really.  Melatonin releases from the pineal gland, reaching its peak at night to help maintain...

The Wonders of Melatonin

The Reasons for Your Fatigue You Might be Missing

I don’t know anybody who has not been affected by the repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic. And not only my family and friends, but also my patients and their family and friends. I tend to get my information from real people rather than social media. I came to believe the information on the news or social media can be overdramatized because it feeds on emotions of fear and greed. Living in fear...

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What Are Reishi Mushrooms, And Can I Have Them In My Risotto?

Reishi mushrooms belong to a category of adaptogenic herbs. It is one of my favorite types of herbal medicine because it shows how intuitively the human body is connected to nature. Adaptogens support the body’s ability to adapt to various physical and emotional stresses. They are rather preventative than treating specific ailments. If anything, they are tonics, keeping your body in tone....

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