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Why Your Libido is More Important Than You Think

Even in a clinical setting, the libido is not an easy subject. However, libido is a valuable indicator not only of your age or hormones but of many other aspects of your health. And it can be one of the first indicators of inflammation or a chronic condition settling in.  However, more often than not, your general medical practitioner either doesn’t do it or mentions it briefly and...

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The Best Supplements for Premenopause and Menopause Time of Life

Modern Approach for a Chinese Herbal Medicine Concept Around 42 years old, and 49 years old for women, the Yin aspect starts to diminish. Without the cooling moistening Yin, the heat of the Yang starts to rise and dry up the skin, hair, and vaginal tissue. The rising yang causes hot flashes, night sweats, loss of sleep and mental agitation.  Restoring the yin and reducing the yang with...

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Emotionally Balanced Relationships

I’m surprised that in the contemporary medical world, the role of relationships is not addressed at all. In fact, my new patients often are surprised when I ask them about their emotions and relationships.  The emotional balance in our relationships is essential to our overall health. When we manage our relationships, we can maintain security, love, and trust in ourselves and others. My...

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Cultivating Emotional Resilience: A Holistic Approach to Emotional Well-being

There are so many character traits that help you to live your life fully and joyfully. One of them is resilience - an important character trait that decides how your life will turn.  That power enables you to bounce back, transform, and become your best in life's myriad challenges. Having spent many years working in personal development, I've witnessed many examples of inner resilience...

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Mindful Eating During the Holidays: How to Make Conscious Food Choices During Festivities

Have you ever caught yourself overindulging during holiday meals? I know I did… The dishes reserved for special occasions and usually associated with unlimited eating can be hard to resist. However, as someone with years of expertise in functional medicine and mind-aligning techniques, I can attest to the incredible power of mindful eating, especially during the holiday season. Mindful eating...

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Navigating the Relationship Between Emotional Health and Physical Aging

It would be impossible to achieve deep and long-lasting results if you ignore the effect various emotions have on your physical body. In particular, if you ignore how these emotions relate to your aging - not only superficial but the aging of your biochemical body structure.  The good news is that you can affect it with the power of your mind. As I’m always convinced, the trick is your...

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10 Self-care Strategies for When Life Gets Overwhelming

Life can be a roller coaster. There are moments of pure joy and exhilaration, and then there are those times when it feels like you're plunging into a deep abyss. I get it – we've all been there. When life's pressures start to pile up, and every day feels like a battle, it's essential to have a toolkit of self-care strategies at your disposal. Why? Because self-care is not just about bubble...

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Serotonin and Your Digestion: The Gut-Brain Connection

Serotonin, commonly called the 'feel-good' neurotransmitter, is primarily associated with mood regulation, happiness, and an overall sense of well-being. But did you know that a significant proportion of your body's serotonin is produced not in your brain, but in your gut? Let's delve into the fascinating interplay between serotonin and digestion, exploring the vital importance of a healthy...

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Gut Meets Brain: A Deep Dive

When the ancient philosopher Hippocrates declared that "all disease begins in the gut," he might have been onto something profound, way ahead of his time. As practitioners and advocates of integrative, functional, and holistic medicine, we recognize the deep connection between the body and mind, and the integral role emotions play in health. At the forefront of these revelations is the link...

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Gut Instincts: The Remarkable Connection Between Your Tummy and Hormones

Hey there, lovely readers! Ever heard the saying, "Trust your gut"? Well, there's more wisdom in those words than you might think. While it's often related to intuition, it's also about our literal gut – yes, the one that processes the delicious pizza you had last night or the salad from lunch. But before we dive deep into that, let's chat about something we've all experienced: brain fog,...

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