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The Downfall of a Perfectionist (vs Enjoying Life Fully )

If I could charge a dollar for every person who said to me, “I will do it / think about it (whatever it is) when the time is right,” I would have accumulated a lot of money by now.  This Sunday, I climbed Mt Massive (14,427 ft) - my first 14’er, in one day. It was perhaps the most challenging climb I did so far in one day - for the combo of elevation gain (just under 4,500 ft), altitude,...

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Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional excellence should be taught in school!” said my patient after another successful session, “but who would be teaching it? Most people run around completely unaware of managing their emotions, automatically reacting to what is happening around them, and without much success”. Do you agree? It made me think about how different work would be if each of us had a childhood mentor...

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Nutrition as your personal BioMindHack

What you eat is very important for every aspect of your life. It’s about how you feel throughout the day, think, energy level, moods, etc. There is no recipe or universal prescription for the best foods ever, and some of it is based on individual needs. However, some of it applies to everybody. So, why food and sources of food are so important? Your life depends on the nutrients you receive...

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Why Metabolic Hormone Test Is Better Than Hormone Blood Test

Have you ever felt constantly tired and overly emotional? Do you have trouble sleeping/staying asleep or have irregular periods? Many women visit the doctor with these complaints only to get brushed off because they didn’t find anything wrong after looking at their blood work. But this doesn’t make the symptoms go away. If this is you, then it’s high time you get your hormone levels checked...

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How to Keep Your Cool Even in The Most Turbulent Times

Like anything else you want to master, these techniques require practice. Just like you have to exercise to get stronger and toned, you must practice mental techniques when everything is well. During difficult times your mind automatically goes to what works best for survival, and most of the time, it will be something you might regret later. So, look at this as a training mini-manual... To...

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My Viral Recovery Protocol

It happened: I got infected by the most feared virus despite all my being careful and all. I evaded it for two and a half years, but in the end… it found me. Said that, based on the symptoms I experienced, I realized that I had it in early February 2020, and at that time, I truly feared for my life as I nearly suffocated. But I’m strong, young, and live a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully, all...


Functional Medicine Hormone Testing At Home

The most common question I get is “what is functional medicine” followed by “what do you mean I can do my hormone testing at home.”  Let me answer both briefly and precisely. Both questions also have long answers, but here I’ll be brief so you can immediately see a benefit from this kind of testing. Functional medicine is a frontier of modern scientific biochemical western medicine. It is the...

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Improve This and Feel Much Better About Yourself

Improving and maintaining health is the highest priority when we talk about quality of life. Remember, you didn’t have to think about it when you were young? That is because your body was growing rapidly making you what you are now. However at some point in your life that rapid growth stopped and maintenance started. Then again in a few years that maintenance became sluggish. There are...

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What to Expect from Integrative Medicine?

What does it like to be in holistic medical care with a modern integrative approach? here are 7 important points to know: Your sessions are on time. Your time is valuable and I make sure to see you at the time of your session. Rarely there are a few minutes to wait, but my waiting room is so relaxing it's like a pre-session. (some people come earlier to relax in my waiting room!) Your...

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It is Your Time for Quality over Quantity

We are entering into the fall, and according to the ancient Five Elements system, a time of the Metal element. It brings with it some valuable life lessons and lessons about health. It even can bring a midlife crisis!  Read on… So, what are the teachings of the Metal element, and how it can make your life better? All these aspects tie together and together they make sense. I also make it...

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