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This Summer add a Biohack for your Brain and Memory

This Summer add a Biohack for your Brain and MemoryDr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 June 2020I don’t know about you but my brain feels tired of sorting through all the information and at the same time working/learning/doing business.I can safely assume we all had quite a challenging time in the past three months and it looks like we are not quite out of the woods yet.  We need some support for our...


Functional & Nutritional DNA Testing

Functional & Nutritional DNA TestingWhether or not you choose to “see” genes, they are always there and play an important role in one’s health.  With genomic testing, by choosing to look at them, you can influence the ultimate outcome and more actively promote a healthy life. Nutri-Genetic and Epi-Genetic Testing and Consulting   Lifestyle and Nutrition Plan based on your DNA...

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Alzheimer’s-Associated Immune Reactivity

Detect antibodies up to 20 years before symptoms actually appear! Alzheimer’s LINX is a new breakthrough test panel designed to identify key risk factors that the latest medical research has linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  It detects immune reactivity to specific environmental antigens and self-tissues, which potentially can contribute to the development of AD, as...

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How to Increase your Brain Performance – 2 next steps

In my previous blog I shared with you 2 steps to achieving a better brain performance – one of my favorite things in the world. Yes, I’m a total fan of pick performances of any sorts, and I even had to do some inner work to tone it down a little. Otherwise, perfectionism can backfire. I’m sure some of you, my readers, can relate to that. Perfectionism can affect our performance, increase...

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2 of 5 steps to a Better Brain Performance

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 June 2020Do you think it’s hard to custom design your life? Do you believe it’s for the rich and wealthy only? Think again!  Is anybody out there experiencing less than wanted brain power? Outdated research suggests it is related to old age. However more and more research and common sense suggest in most of the cases it has very little to do with actual age, but...

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The Introduction to Nootropics

Not all nootropics are created equally. And different people need a different stack of nootropics for a superior brain function. Look at it as a legal enhancement of your mental capacity. When composed correctly, it’s like superpowers of your brain. What are nootropics and where they came from? Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are effective and legal. Generally, when composed correctly...


You have the Power to choose your Destiny

A recap of the obvious. We are in the middle of a viral pandemic, being quarantined, the economy is suffering, social and other media confuses everybody, some people lost or might lose their jobs, others work around the clock, some risk their lives, some lost their investments, and so on.  There is obvious news, bad news, and good news.  The obvious news - you will be inevitably...

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How to Find a Good Doctor

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, D.O.M10 January 2018 Your doctor has to care.  You cannot trust a person who doesn’t care. It has to be personal for your doctor. You have to matter to your doctor. Really matter. Then you know - you matter. Then you can trust your doctor with your life. I have to start with a disclaimer. This is a sensitive topic, and our opinions might not match. So my view on this comes...

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Maybe Taoist Story

As I was sitting in contemplation this morning with thoughts running through my mind like wild horses, I asked myself: “Is this reality as bad as I perceive it to be?”. And I remembered this old Taoist tale.  One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied.  The next morning the horse...

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Breakthrough in Viral Research. BioMindHacks included.

The research is being conducted at the most prominent scientific labs in the world to quickly find a cure and vaccine for COVID-19. We have lots of breakthroughs and studies undergoing. The researchers understood the molecular difference between COVID-19 and other coronavirus and what makes it so contentious and what can make it fragile to medical and holistic treatments.  This post is...

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