I always thought I was a great sleeper. Most of the time that’s true. At home, I created controlled conditions for my optimal rest so I don’t experience any insomnia symptoms. I mastered it so well that by now I could become an Environment Sleep Consultant. 

Through experimentation with various components of my day, I realized my sleep quality cannot be left to chance because a few nights of interrupted sleep triggers chronic adrenal fatigue symptoms I had overcome years ago. 

I resolved adrenal fatigue by learning about myself and how I function on every level. However, once you experience chronic fatigue, the symptoms can still be triggered and tell you something is imbalanced and needs correction.

This “something is wrong” signaling happens with everyone, and it is critical whether you can recognize it or not.  And one of the most powerful triggers is a lack of sleep.

Over years, many things interrupted my sleep. Being a solo traveler and sharing a tent with another female travel companion had been a challenge, so now I choose to take a single tent/hotel room supplement when I travel. 

Having a partner who snores or thrashes around is another huge challenge. Being out late for dinner and drinks is another. Watching a stimulating Netflix show or political debate right before bed can also greatly affect my rest.

I don’t think these issues are unique to me. When I investigate the causes of adrenal fatigue with my patients, they tell me something very similar. What is alarming is that many people don’t connect the dots between their sleep quality and their energy levels. 

The seemingly unrelated consequences of chronic poor sleep quality can manifest as:

  • Depression and/or Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Issues
  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Onset or Flareup of Autoimmune disorder
  • Being prone to injury
  • Chronic Pain
  • Premature Aging 

The reality is, your energy level depends on everything that is going on in your life – whether under your control or not. 

In other words, many things can interrupt your sleep; the trick is that you might not be even aware your sleep is interrupted. Some people are so used to having poor sleep quality that they either believe it is normal or giving up altogether on good night’s sleep.  

We cannot live without sleep, and we cannot live well without quality sleep. Science still cannot fully explain what exactly is going with your body when you are asleep. However, what science already tells us is enough to pay close attention to regulating the quality of your sleep.

You probably already have an active account in my supplements pharmacy, and if you don’t, it’s easy to create one and check out one of my favorite supplements for sleep. I like it because it has all the ingredients for an herbal tea I used to mix for my patients in a bulk. They had to cook it in a tea. Here, you have it in the pill form – very convenient! 


So if your goal is to have good energy throughout the day, you should examine the flow of your daily activities and make some adjustments. 

Because it all affects the quality of your sleep. 

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Dr. Maya Sarkisyan 

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