Have you ever felt constantly tired and overly emotional? Do you have trouble sleeping/staying asleep or have irregular periods?

Many women visit the doctor with these complaints only to get brushed off because they didn’t find anything wrong after looking at their blood work.

But this doesn’t make the symptoms go away.

If this is you, then it’s high time you get your hormone levels checked out. 

Hormones are chemical messengers your body uses to signal and communicate to different parts. And when there’s a problem with your hormones, you experience many weird symptoms.

The First Step

The first step is checking your hormone levels, which can conveniently be done at home with ‘at-home hormone testing kits’.

Types of At-Home Hormone Tests

 When it comes to hormone testing at home, you can do a blood test, a saliva test, or a urine test. Saliva tests can only test for a small range of hormones, so we’ll focus on the two big guns: Metabolic and Blood Hormone Tests.   

Metabolic Hormone Test vs Hormone Blood Test

Hormone Blood Test

A hormone blood test can measure various hormones like testosterone/DHEA, thyroid hormone, estrogen, cortisol, LH, and FSH.

The problem with blood tests is that they can only show you a snapshot of your hormone levels when you take the sample. It doesn’t show you the big picture–- if your body is metabolizing hormones or excreting them properly.

And that’s a problem. Because to properly treat the underlying problem, you NEED to see the big picture.

A blood test is also an invasive procedure (yikes, thick needles!)

Metabolic Hormone Test

aka Hormone Urine Test is preferred not just because it can measure an extensive range of hormones like cortisol, estrogen, testosterone/DHEA, melatonin, etc., but because, unlike the blood test, it shows you if your liver is doing an excellent job of metabolizing hormones properly.

It shows if the metabolites being produced pose any potential cancer risks to you.

So not only does the urine test show you the “big picture”, but it also helps your physician assess any potential cancer risks you might have.

A bonus advantage is that this test is not an invasive procedure! (yay, no needles!)

Here at Doctor Maya Clinic, we work with CLIA-certified labs to provide you with the best-approved testing kits so you can get reliable results.

We also offer Tele-Health sessions, where Dr. Maya will walk you through your test results and provide a personalized supplement regimen and other holistic remedies made just for you.

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With this practical information, you can have a competitive advantage. You will understand your body and mind better and capitalize on your strengths. This way, I will help you develop a plan to strengthen your weak points in a deliberate and educated manner. No more guessing – the science is here to help you achieve your goals and peak performance.

All my articles result from my direct clinical experience with my patients and clients over many years of practice. I’m sharing my insights and best practices that brought success to many people. 


Dr. Maya Sarkisyan 

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