We have tests for many physical and psychological conditions. Start your journey today to a healthier tomorrow.

All tests include interpretation of results with Dr. Maya.

Lab kits cannot be refunded or exchanged, and must be used before expiration date. There are no refunds on phone consultations and office visits. Tests are not a subject to insurance reimbursement.

We recommend using test kits within 6 months of purchase.


All tests require prior authorization from Dr. Maya Sarkisyan. Please schedule a consultation prior to paying for the test. Lab kits cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Our testing provides insight and benefit to patients who are looking to maximize mental or physical performance or address specific health issues.

We provide functional medicine tests shipped directly to your home. All tests include:

  • Initial 15-minute consultation with a doctor
  • Test kit and shipping
  • Follow-up interpretation of results
  • Personalized treatment suggestions

Please schedule consultation with Dr. Maya to identify the tests most suitable for your goals and concerns.

Whole Body Analysis

If you are looking deeper into unresolved medical conditions or want to maximize your overall body & mind performance, these tests are for you. 

  • Your condition is non-responsive to medical treatment
  • You want to create a lifestyle according to your DNA map and optimize your genetic abilities
  • You want to achieve peak performance – physically and mentally
  • You want to have in-depth biochemical testing to identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • You want to maintain your health and prevent symptoms before they appear

Neurotransmitters / Brain Performance / Anxiety / Depression

  • You are experiencing depression / anxiety
  • You have unexplainable mood swings
  • You have symptoms of brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and poor memory
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