Confidential Personality Profiling

Learn about Your Talents and Natural Abilities


Find out Personality Traits of your Business Partners and Competitors (by Photograph)


Learn What is Important to your Significant other, Family, Friends

Physiognomy report provides confidential and in-depth information of the person you are inquiring about. The analysis can be conducted in-person or in the absence of the third party.

The presence of the individual is not required but you must supply good quality photographs.

We provide you powerful information to develop effective and efficient approach in most important business and personal endeavors:

  • Recognizing Your Talents and Natural Abilities
  • Parenthood and Children Development
  • Choosing Friends and Significant Others
  • Selecting Business Partners and Allies
  • Effectively Influencing Clients

The report lists your natural abilities and progression through your timeline up to the current age. You will know how to foster your talents better and what to focus on. It may also give you insight into personality traits you could never understand and perhaps blame yourself for.

Parenthood and Children Development

You might have expectations of your child and not understand why they are not met. Sometimes your child behaves in the way that is puzzling and even frustrating, and you might blame yourself or your child for this.

Your child’s inherent personality traits and talents may require a different angle of motivation and development. This report gives you in-depth information about your child, not just quick fixes.

Your child’s presence or participation is not required.

Choosing Friends and Significant Others

Friends and spouses are amongst the most important people in our lives. Getting insight into their personality could provide valuable information so you can understand how to connect with them on a deeper level and avoid unnecessary frustration.

Selecting Business Partners and Allies

Developing business partnerships brings opportunities… and threats. It is better to know in advance what personality traits and life history your potential partners bring with them. This helps you strategically align yourself and your business in the best possible angle, and expect from your partners only what they can provide.

Effectively Influencing Clients

Having the client’s best interest is key to business success. It is important to help them benefit from your business in the most efficient and satisfactory way. Our personal analysis gives you insight into their values and beliefs so you can make sure your clients get from you what they really want. This way you might have repeat business, a good reputation, and greater personal satisfaction.


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