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Dr. Maya provides in-office and telemedicine sessions on a wide variety of conditions. Her sessions include diagnostics and treatment planning, NLP, behavioral re-patterning, second medical opinion, emotional balancing, personal development, and spiritual counseling.


Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, NLP, NET, Nutritional and Cellular Detoxification, Neurotransmitters and Food Sensitivity Testing, Nutrigenomics, Emotional Balancing

and more!

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maya to learn how we can help you achieve your health and personal goals. Ask questions about your lab tests, existing health situation, or find out how to improve your personal life.

Available to patients worldwide via telemedicine.

Emotional Detoxification / Personal Empowerment / Conflict Resolution

We offer the most effective healing modalities to resolve issues – both physical and emotional. 

Our healing approach addresses physical and behavioral stress-related conditions such as emotional trauma, depression and anxiety.

We help you identify unresolved, negatively-charged emotional responses that are stored in your body, then help you release them. It’s fast, it’s fun, and can dramatically improve your health.

Available in-clinic or via telemedicine.

In-Depth Diagnostics, Evaluation and Treatment Session

This in-depth 90 minute session gives you an opportunity to have all your physical, emotional, business, and relationship concerns addressed and questions answered.

Dr Maya will provide a thorough evaluation and develop follow up diagnostics and treatment plan. You will have a much better understanding of your situation and a preliminary plan of action.

This session may include a treatment such as a “Session with Dr. Maya”.

Available in-clinic or through telemedicine.

Follow-Up Session

A follow-up 55 minutes session. A typical session might include:

  • Coaching / NET / NLP / EFT
  • Acupuncture for physical & emotional pain relief
  • Emotional Detoxification
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Review of your biochemistry test results
  • Nutritional & Supplementation Consultation
  • Cupping
  • Cold laser therapy – to relieve inflammation and pain

Available in-clinic or through telemedicine (except physical contact modalities).

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