There are so many character traits that help you to live your life fully and joyfully. One of them is resilience – an important character trait that decides how your life will turn. 

That power enables you to bounce back, transform, and become your best in life’s myriad challenges. Having spent many years working in personal development, I’ve witnessed many examples of inner resilience firsthand. It’s not just about enduring life but about thriving, and today, I’m sharing some strategies to help cultivate this inner strength. All I’m sharing with you comes from my clinical experience helping people achieve their full potential. 

What is Resilience?

Resilience is your capacity to adapt in the face of adversity. It’s your emotional and mental elasticity. I believe it starts developing in childhood, so it depends on what life has thrown at you and how you learn to deal with it. It’s also how people around you deal with adversity, especially people closest to you, such as your parents.

There might be a genetic connection to resilience, as we know, genes responsible for tolerating emotional stress and neurotransmitter production. I believe that levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and epinephrin play a major role in how you deal with life in general. 

However, resilience is a dynamic quality. Like a muscle, it can be trained, stretched, and strengthened.

Why Cultivate Inner Resilience?

The longer we live, the more we understand how unpredictable life can be. And the better you can deal with life circumstances, the easier your life can be. Everchanging circumstances will not beat you down as easily as somebody who is emotionally weak. From minor daily situations to severe situations, challenges are inevitable. But with trained high levels of resilience, these moments become your growth opportunities. 

You will notice that after every difficult situation, you emerge as a more robust, wiser person with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Resilience can help you develop life values, increase your capacity for joy and compassion, and reduce stress. It also enables you to adapt to changing circumstances, better manage complex thoughts and feelings, and bounce back quickly from adversity. Therefore, it is crucial to cultivate resilience as part of an overall wellness strategy.

The most effective way to build resilience is through practice. This can include spending time in nature, journaling about your experiences, expressing gratitude for what you have, engaging in physical activities, or finding a creative outlet. Additionally, seeking support from people who understand and validate your feelings may be helpful. With consistent practice, you can develop high levels of emotional strength.

Strategies to Foster Inner Resilience:

Journaling is the ritual of self-expression. The act of journaling is more than writing. It’s a way to express your feelings and thoughts and interpret your experiences. 

  • Through journaling, you can:
    • Work through complex emotions and find clarity.
    • Celebrate your wins, no matter how small.
    • Reflect on challenges and identify patterns or triggers.

Self-reflection: It’s the way to take a step back and assess:

  • Your reactions to different situations.
  • Evolution over time in response to experiences.
  • Life values and whether your actions align with them.

The magic of self-reflection is that it fosters self-awareness. And when we truly know ourselves, we can be proactive rather than reactive, setting the stage for resilience.

Practicing Self-compassion:

Accepting yourself in a world that often prioritizes perfection. We tend to be our harshest critics, but must we strive for perfection constantly? We can be as kind to ourselves as we are kind to others. 

  • Acknowledge your feelings without judgment.
  • Understand that imperfection is a shared human experience.
  • Use positive self-talk as a resource during challenging times.

Mind Aligning Techniques: Boosting Resilience from Within

Our emotional states are very connected to our physical health. By connecting the dots between physical and emotional, we can find and holistically correct imbalances that throw you off. We can improve cognitive patterns and limiting beliefs using mind-aligning techniques such as NLP and NET. The more flexible your mind is, the more upper hand you get to resolve difficult situations. And with a strong mind, the path to resilience becomes more accessible and sustainable.

Embarking on the Resilience Journey

Personal experiences, aspirations, and challenges uniquely shape each person’s resilience journey. Yet, the destination remains the same: a stronger character, ready to continue the life journey with joy and passion. And that journey is filled with discovery, growth, and profound transformation.

Harnessing the tools of journaling, self-reflection, and self-compassion, combined with the potent synergy of functional medicine and mind-aligning techniques, you’re not just equipped but empowered to cultivate strong inner resilience coupled with robust health.

Embrace resilience, and let it be the force that propels you forward, no matter what life brings.

Personalized Approach

One size does not fit all when it comes to healthcare. We have unique requirements based on our genetics, lifestyle choices, and individual needs. I always provide a personalized approach to healthcare, allowing us to assess your needs accurately.

If you are ready to take charge of your health and embrace a proactive approach to preventive care, contact me today to schedule your session and start your journey to your health and happiness.

With this practical information, you can have a competitive advantage. You will understand your body and mind better and capitalize on your strengths. This way, I will help you develop a plan to strengthen your weak points in a deliberate and educated manner. No more guessing – the science is here to help you achieve your goals and peak performance.


Dr. Maya Sarkisyan 

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Disclaimer: This is a general information only. Consult with Dr. Maya Sarkisyan before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment or care, or starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention. 
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