Emotional Mastery

When events or words are repeated frequently, especially in childhood, your emotional response to them becomes automatic- even if it’s a response that causes you problems in adulthood. Life is short, and you want to be happy without unwanted emotions bringing you down. But how do you achieve this?

Every emotion you experience originates in the body. When you were a child, you couldn’t connect events in your life with the emotions they caused- you just felt them. 

Emotional Freedom From Your Past To Create a Better Future

The Resolution

Three Sessions Package

We will address a specific challenge to resolve.

It might be a particular relationship issue, something you feel conflicted about, need to know how to proceed or make a decision, or something similar to it.

Chronic Pattern Change

Three Months Package

We will address chronic patterns of behavior that prevent you from living your life to your full potential.

Examples: continuously getting involved in similar relationships, having chronic issues with your family, having the same emotional triggers pushed over and over again, having the same negative reactions to particular situations.

Improve Your Life

Six Months Package

We review all major aspects of your life and make necessary modifications that allow you to achieve your full potential.

It involves identifying and prioritizing your core values, limiting belief change, behavioral modifications, and chronic pattern changes. 

What is an Emotional Excellence and Mental Peak Performance?

Emotions linger in the body and cause pain and underlying illnesses. There are many explanations for how this happens- enough to fill a book.

Here, though, I’d like to show you the main ways this occurs. Specific emotions target body parts, organs and systems. To stay healthy, you must keep your emotions in check and prevent negative emotions from taking over. Naturally, though, life happens, and we can’t stay happy all the time. You must learn to distance yourself from stress and negative emotions, and take your emotions from negative to neutral, then all the way to positive.

This is what I call “Emotional Mastery”. To understand what’s going on and make positive change to your physical and emotional health.


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Neuro Emotional Technique


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