Daoist Energy Alignment © 

This unique method of balancing and re-distributing the energy in the human body is designed to remove the blockages that cause any symptoms of physical and emotional imbalance. It improves the circulation of energy through the body and significantly enhances the ability of the body to heal itself.

The Daoist Energy Alignment © is based on the ancient Chinese medical theory of the meridians/channels circulating and working with energy within the body. The energy flows in our body to nourish every cell in every organ. It is crucial for us to maintain this balanced flow in order to maintain health.

During sessions your essential energy is accessed and evaluated by the practitioner and your well-being is restored. Each session can take up to one hour.

It is available:

  • At the office during regular business hours.
  • Long-distance over the phone during and after regular business hours.
  • In combination with acupuncture and hypnosis sessions.

Long-distance session is the best option if you want to stay in the comfort of your own home, live far away from the office, have small children to care for, have time for yourslef only in the evening, and in many other situations. Sometimes an immediate help can be of a great importance and you don't want to wait until your next appointment.

In the emergency situation we will do our best to schedule a session for you within 12 hours.

Daoist Medicinal Talismans and Mudras

Doctor Maya received a special training in the  Dragon Gate linage medicinal talismans with Abbot Zhang Ming Xin and Master Wong at the Daoist Jianfu Temple at the base of Qing Cheng Shan, China.

  • Clearing the house of turbid and negative energy. The indication of such energy would be persistent bad luck, recent negative life-changing events, physical ailments associated with being inside the house, bad dreams, feeling strange inside the house, problem selling the house, etc.
  • Clearing the person of negative energy. The indication of such energy would be the irrational behaviors, frightening thoughts, recurrent bad dreams, persistent bad luck, recent negative life-changing events, serious surgeries, etc.)
  • Restoring health, especially when nothing else helps.
  • Increasing Prenatal Wizdom. Indicated when consistently not making right decisions, losing the way, being confused, engaging in destructive relationships, etc.

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