Alzheimer’s/Cognitive Decline Test

Detect antibodies up to 20 years before symptoms actually appear!

Alzheimer’s LINX is a new breakthrough test panel designed to identify key risk factors that the latest medical research has linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). 

It detects immune reactivity to specific environmental antigens and self-tissues, which potentially can contribute to the development of AD, as well as other neurodegenerative conditions. This creates an important window of opportunity for preclinical management of individuals at higher risk of AD, even years before clinical onset of disease. 

It is a strategically planned panel of biomarkers revealing never-before-seen clinical perspectives of brain-related immune reactivity. 

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7 categories of key contributing factors to Cognitive Decline or other neurodegenerative conditions.

  • Nearly 40 biomarkers, many of them offered for the first time anywhere
  • Brand New Blood-Brain Barrier antibody biomarkers
  • New biomarker to test immune reactivity to Amyloid-Beta
  • The eight most cross-reactive foods (out of 208 studied) newly-discovered to have potential association with AD
  • New protein biomarkers that reveal immune reactivity and cross reactivity to key brain cells and neurons at the heart of AD 
  • New Oral bacterial biomarker shown to be associated with AD
  • Biomarkers for a collection of chemicals and metals discovered to have associations to AD
  • Performed on the Gold Standard ELISA platform, the most reliable lab technology on the market

7 groups of KEY contributing factors 

  • BRAIN PROTEINS – Assessing reactivity to brain proteins beyond amyloid-beta and tau protein
  • GROWTH FACTORS – Measuring immune reactivity to factors involved in neuronal regeneration 
  • ENTERIC NERVE, ENZYMES AND NEUROLOGICAL PEPTIDES – Assessing immune reactivity to the communication pathway between the gut and the brain 
  • PATHOGENS – Assessing immune reactivity to pathogens known to cross-react with amyloid-beta 
  • CHEMICALS – Biomarkers for a collection of chemicals/heavy metals discovered to have associations to AD 
  • FOODS CROSS-REACTIVE TO AMYLOID BETA – 8 out of 208 common foods, newly discovered to have potential association with AD. 
  • BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER AND NEUROFILAMENTS – Blood-Brain Barrier antibody biomarkers 


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