Acupuncture Express


Acupuncture Express takes place in our beautiful semi-private room, where people relax in comfortable reclining chairs and receive acupuncture on the body that requires minimum uncovering - mostly on arms and legs.

We choose these points to affect health throughout the body. This unique style allows for a lower treatment fee per person because several people are treated in a shared space.

It’s an affordable and supportive way to address health care needs, while getting the chance to relax and enjoy some quiet time. People can be treated alongside friends, partners, and family members.

The community experience is soothing and allows you to achieve quality medical care.

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Special Schedule:

Wednesday and Friday 5 – 7 PM (accepting patients until 7:00 PM)

Appointment scheduling is required.


We charge a sliding scale - $35-50 per session pay upon service. The first session is $60.

Call to schedule your appointment: 800-590-6292 or schedule online.

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