Functional & Nutritional DNA Testing

Whether or not you choose to “see” genes, they are always there and will continue to play an important role in one’s health.  With genomic testing, by choosing to look at them, you have the opportunity to influence the ultimate outcome and more actively promote a healthy life.

Nutri-Genetic and Epi-Genetic Testing and Consulting

Lifestyle and Nutrition Plan based on your DNA profile.

Personal salivary DNA testing services is the most accurate, comprehensive and economical way to identify your genetic predispositions. No more guessing game about what is best for you. Your body knows it!

We are HIPPA compliant so your information stays confidential.

Create precise, targeted, individualized nutrition

Prevent health problems from happening

Identify key areas for more attention

Make sure your doctor visits match your DNA needs

Identify “hidden” nutritional gene mutations that may cause disease   

Our personal GENOMIC TESTS is a package solution containing:

100+ DNA gene mutations involved in your everyday health

Consultation with doctor specializing in genetic analysis

Custom nutrition planning based on your DNA results

E-book with DNA specific foods and recipes

Shipping fees included. The test kit will be sent to you upon payment received

Take an action to identify the most important lifestyle and nutritional actions you can take based on your PERSONAL and unique DNA based genetic profile.


Our tests are designed from the most up-to-date scientific information and offer you the most comprehensive genomic analysis in an easy-to-read report with action steps to assist me to create the perfect treatment plan for you.

There tests give you a valuable insight to information such as:

Lipid Metabolism

Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes


Sodium Sensitivity


Omega 3 and Omega 6

Vitamins – B2, B6, B12, C, D, E


Methylation – Folate and cofactors

Heavy Metals Toxicity predisposition

Drug Resisitance

Caffeine Metabolism

Coeliac Disease

Lactose Intolerance

Oxidative Stress

Phase I and Phase II Detoxification

Weight management

Immune system responces

HPA axis and stress responses

Sleep and seasonal variations

Physiogenomic Integration of Genetic and Functional Variability

and more…


Includes consultation with recommendations – at the clinic, phone, or Skype. You can pick up the kit at my clinic or have it mailed to your home.  

Interpretation of DNA Results is Included


We live in times with most amazing scientific discoveries available to us. Besides an advanced various functional testing such as levels of nutrients in your body, food sensitivities, hormone tests, and so on now we even have an access to our DNA.

DNA testing is becoming very popular, and many genetic labs around the world are offering various tests. They range from rare genetic trait disorders to pharmaco-genomics to nutri-genomics and so on.

Companies like 23andMe and Ancestry are offering ancestry information plus some curious genetic facts for mostly entertainment. But there is much more information you can get with genetic testing.

We are offering to analyze your DNA data and create a lifestyle plan for you that helps you to prevent disease and enhance your strengths.

At this point there are multiple biological scientific research projects are going on with the goal of identifying and mapping all the genes of the human genome from a physical and functional standpoint. It is now scientifically proven that you are very unique and therefore require unique medical approach. So far we have about 30,000 genes mapped and defined. 

You unique biological genetic makeup is now can be available to you in a form of a prescription, like a manual for a valuable equipment you wouldn’t dare touch without. I’m talking specifically about “functional genetics” testing – how your body operates on day-to-day basis – such as how you process fats, caffeine, how do you synthesize vitamins and other nutrients, what kind of exercise is suitable for you, how can you lose or gain weight, what is your genetic ability to protect yourself from toxic stress and environment, how susceptible you are to drugs penetrating your blood brain barrier, are you a subject to celiac disease and lactose intolerance and so on.

Your DNA doesn’t change, you are born with it. And it’s analysis can come with a nutritional and supplementation action plan to strengthen deficiencies and enhance virtues, so you will activate your protective genes against disease. 


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