COVID-19 and Bandanas

As a response to COVID-19 pandemic more and more medical offices are getting closed, surgeries rescheduled, and most acupuncture clinics around the world are closed. It’s all happening for a good reason – to not spread disease.

Hospitals are getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, however, medical research is advancing every minute as every day a few times a day I’m listening to medical updates, seminars, and reading scientific papers on it.

  • We don’t know how this virus behaves so I will share with you 3 things I know will help:The most important thing in stopping the virus spread is to stay home, wash hands and keep your hands away from your face. This requires behavioral retraining, therefore start wearing a mask or bandana at home, so you catch yourself trying to touch your face. I realized how many times I do it, it’s unsettling. So, it’s not to protect yourself, it’s to change the habit.
  • As a silver lining, in a few months as humanity, we all will have impeccable facial skin and at the same time decrease our future exposure to respiratory viruses!The latest CDC advice is to dilute 5 tablespoons of bleach on 1 qt of water and spray to clean surfaces. But the most important – don’t touch your face and you will not get it even if it is on the surface.
  • The progression with the COVID virus starts with a fever. If you have a fever stay at home, isolate yourself as much as possible, and use whatever home remedies yo have. Take Acetaminophen aka Tylenol vs Ibuprofen for this particular virus. Go to the hospital only if you develop shortness of breath. According to the video I received from NYC hospital only a tiny percentage of people end up on a ventilator to soon be released home.