Warrior Wisdom


Warrior Wisdom (c) is a licensed proprietary complete system of physical and visualization exercises. This system is designed to assist an individual or a group of people to overcome substance abuse and physical and/or emotional trauma. The system can be integrated into therapeutic setting.

Warrior Wisdom (c) is available to adopt in the substance abuse and/or trauma recovery setting. It is an integral part of our Qigong School of Silent Knowledge which provides workshops and training for individuals and groups. We are preparing international training for developing countries and accepting requests for workshops.

QiGong is a great tradition that sometimes is considered to be the greatest achievement of China. For many generations, QiGong styles were kept secrets within lineages and only recently made available to general public.

Every QiGong style considered its theory and practice to be precious treasures with offered something that couldn’t be purchased with money or won in a war – health and long life. Because this was so valuable, many masters didn’t want to share their secrets.

When training in any internal or external energy tradition we must consider all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of human being. In order to keep the physical part of your body strong, you must have a smooth circulation of energy and fluids. In order to keep your mental part healthy, you must learn how to keep your brain healthy. When you have both, you get in touch with something bigger than you, therefore your spirit can be raised and your whole being will be vigorously alive.

This system is an adaptation of forms related to martial arts because they are equally physically and mentally challenging, and at the same time develop the spiritual qualities of the warrior such as opening the heart, shaping destiny, and so on. It has the ability to harmoniously open up the places of power within and connect it to the power of the universe – the ultimate formula of the true power.

The system consists of 3 parts:


The program is based on multiple classic and modern concepts of Qigong, and it’s a process that allows to quickly feel a powerful change in your energy flow. This system is easy to learn and practice every day. Within a few days, you will feel a numerous physical and psychological benefits.