"Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people." - Mother Teresa

“Amazing results in a very rapid time frame. Highest Possible Recommendation. Dr Maya is very knowledgeable, experienced and personable. She is the real deal. Call her today and I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Kris Rush, Boca Raton, FL

Ani K, Boca Raton, FL

“I met with Dr. Maya for the first time last week for an initial consultation. I have very bad allergies and problems with my stomach. Toward the end of our initial consultation, she demonstrated a treatment session and it was enough to immediately convince me that I need to see her again. Today I met with Dr. Maya for our first session. It was amazing. I feel so much better already that I felt inspired to post this reply so anyone who is thinking about working with Dr. Maya will hopefully contact her right away.”

Michael C, Boca Raton, FL

“I am writing to let you know that my experience with Dr. Maya has been such a great one that I must let everyone know about her! She is the most compassionate and understanding doctor that I have met. She has an answer for everything. I have been having trouble with insomnia for quite some time, and after one treatment, I am finally sleeping 6 hours straight at night! We are hoping to eventually get to 8 hours, but before, I was only sleeping 4 hours in 2 shifts. So, 6 hours straight is a miracle! She helps you release pent up emotions that have been there for quite some time which really does the trick!  She truly cares about you and helping you!”

Tina J, Boca Raton, FL

“Dr. Maya is wonderful! She is caring, knowledgeable and so very patient and willing to explain everything that she is doing. I was initially hesitant about going a “non-traditional” medical route for my chronic migraines, but Dr. Maya and her methods have been very helpful. If you keep an open mind, Dr. Maya can help in untold ways.”

Maura R, Boca Raton, FL

“I have been seeing Doctor Maya for the last three years to ease my psoriasis. Anyone suffering with psoriasis knows that this condition can be highly difficult to treat and control. Having been down several paths with my own treatment, I was very familiar with failed attempts. Doctor Maya worked with me, creating a comprehensive treatment program for my individual needs that has truly changed my health and the quality of my life for the better. She worked with me to pin point the particular treatment therapy that succeeded for me, where multiple doctors and specialists had failed. I have experienced a 90% reduction in my outbreaks. Doctor Maya has been a wonderful addition to my health and wellness regime. I always leave her office with a tremendous sense of vitality and look forward to my weekly sessions with her. Working with Doctor Maya has made a large impact on my health and that of my family, as well. I recommend her to all of my friends and family.”

Scott F. , Boca Raton, FL

“For the past 2 years I suffered from anxiety, stress and the inability to sleep. In short – HELL. I was in conventional pyschotherapy and had tried every health food store promise of peace. My suffering lingered on. My choice was conventional anti-depression drugs or, YOU. I chose you and you saved my life. After 4-5 months of weekly treatments, I have regained my life. I sleep peacefully each night and am optimistic about my life. The most amazing thing is that the change comes directly from my heart. It is not from the analytical left brain that traditional psychotherapy taps into. But, it is from the heart and the change is subtle, gentle and oh so sweet. It comes from the heart and I hear and see it as just finding who I have always been. It is oh so sweet, so gentle and so very life changing. I never imagined this was available to me and I am so very grateful. To say “thank you” does not come close to the graditude I feel. But, I trust you understand when I say “Thank you from my heart””

Donna M., Boca Raton, FL

“Doctor Maya, You have been my consultant, adviser, and confidant on several issues involving my health and well being for many months. You have always been available and responsive to my needs. As an attorney I have learned to be skeptical of the health care profession in general. Since my retirement, I have found even more reason to question health care providers, particularly those who provide non-traditional treatments and remedies. Since your successful treatment of my lower back problems, after traditional medicine was ineffective for several months, I am a believer in “DOCTOR MAYA” and your treatment methods and protocols. An appreciative patient.”

I. D., Wellington, FL

“Maya is truly one of THE most amazing people I’ve ever met. She treated me for over a year with Acupuncture, NET, Hypnosis, Cupping, NLP & more. Her treatment is absolutely uniquely tailored to each & every client she sees – she has an innate, extra sense (or several extra!) allowing her to have spot on intuition, perception…her education is also a facet of this as she seems to listen on multiple levels all at once and can see very deep into the issue and quickly finds the root. She can obviously alleviate symptoms but what is truly incredible is how she locates the root cause and then treats it uniquely, considering seemingly hundreds of factors. There were so many times when as I spoke she would nod and say – I have something that will be perfect for this….and come up with yet another “tool” or skill of treatment, she can do so, so, so many things & each of them with present, attentive, very caring precision. I really just love her, she’s absolutely one of a kind – – like that one very special doctor that you find & are just so immensely relieved you’ve finally found a great one. As well, the type that soon becomes really hard to get in to see. “

– A Tupelo, Boca Raton, FL

“I could go into minute detail relating to how well doctor Maya Sarkisyan has treated my physical and emotional challenges…from alleviating hypertension and eliminating an insidious tobacco addiction through restoring the calmness to my familial relations through the almost immediate alleviation of those physical aches to be expected in my 69 year old body, and currently the successful reversal of a repulsive drive toward obesity. However, suffice to say that Maya has earned my unconditional respect and trust as someone who I consider to be a friend, and the primary guardian of my health and well being. “

– L.K., Coral Springs, FL

“Dr. Maya is an incredibly caring and compassionate doctor who uses her expert knowledge of multiple healing modalities to successfully diagnose and treat a variety of complex physical and mental health issues. It is obvious that she loves her work — her passion for helping people heal really sets her above the rest of the crowd!”

– J.L., Delray Beach, FL

“I never would have lived through the last three years without the competent and outstanding intervention of Maya Sarkisyan.”

– Karen Topol, Boca Raton, FL

“In a single 20 minute NET session Maya was able to help me not only discover and eradicate the source of a life long energetic block but she then also helped me to reset myself in its absence. Even more impressive was the minimal amount I was required to reveal about my concerns. Maya skillfully held the space for me with discretion while leading me to the core of my asking. It seemed so relatively simple yet was so profoundly deep. Truly inspiring. Thank you, Maya.”.

– Myke Zykoff HHP, C.Ht., Los Angeles

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the treatment I received from you. It was an amazing experience that I never had before. I would never believe before that such a drastic result can be achieved in only one session. You not only helped me with my physical issues but with emotional issues as well. Your soothing voice, gentle touch and enlightened spirit had a profound effect on me. I left your office energized, refreshed and emotionally uplifted.”.

– Anna Kader, NYC

“Maya used acupuncture treatment to help me with stress related fatigue. I experienced an immense improvement in my energy level right after the first session. I felt as if a huge load had just been taken off my shoulders and i felt at least 10 years younger!!! “.

– Elena G., NYC

“Thank you so much for helping me with my drinking problem.  I had been having at least one drink every day when I would get home from work.  My kids were starting to make comments and I really wanted to break this bad habit.  With the help you gave me I have made dramatic changes. I am feeling much healthier and we are saving a lot of money.  My husband has also quit drinking”.

– Rebecca, CA

“I feel like I now have control again in my life. I am a non-smoker and will remain a non-smoker to the rest of my life. That is the best feeling”.

– Linda, FL

“I highly recommend Maya Sarkisyan, she is an excellent listener and a compassionate guide. I felt very supported in her presence and I found hope in healing my old fears and unresolved emotions. I was surprisedto see so much relief from just one session, I wish I met her earlier!”

– Lana, Boston, MA

“You are quite effective!  My hope is to get on a program with you and get some goals accomplished. I am amazed at how easy it was to quit smoking…  You are amazing…”

– T., Orlando FL

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“My son, who is five years old, has speech delay and has been working with speech therapists for the past two years. Progress has been insignificant until Maya started working with him. After only 5 sessions with Maya everyone noticed how much my son’s speech advanced. It is quite incredible what Maya was able to accomplish in such a short period  of time. Every session brings very obvious improvements. My son is a much happier child now because he feels that he is being understood by people. THANK YOU, MAYA. With deepest gratitude, Mari.”

– Mari, New York City

“My son is significantly better, he can eat without coughing, no fever, I am the happiest person alive, sun is shining, it is a beautiful day in the city, I am very lucky to know people like you, you are bright and talented and caring and have a big heart!!!”

– Elena, New York City