Detox & Nutrition

Nutrition Planning is one of the major components in any health related issue. Actually it is one of the major components in our lives. We can live without many things, but we have to eat in order to survive. We plan our events around eating, and we develop many concepts and beliefs about food. Lately there been lots of controversy about different ways of eating besides vegetarian and animal product style. And I find that many people are confused about their food choices.

Our custom tailored approach is practical, sophisticated, and much more precisely can target goals such as an ideal weight, end of chronic inflammations, and avoiding genetic danger zones.

We are using nutri-genomic and bio-chemical analysis to identify your specific nutrient requirements to be able to make personalized nutrition recommendations that can make you healthier. We understand variance in people’s DNA, bio-chemistry, micro biome, metabolism and nutrient requirements and how these can affect your health outcomes. We provide individually tailored nutrition recommendations that allows you to customize their diet in order to maximize your wellbeing and avoid illness.

Individualized nutrition can help you avoid general advice, and popular diet fads. It helps you to stop the trial-and-error approach that saves you the money, emotional hurt, and potential danger of taking wrong supplements or eating inflammatory foods.

Our expertise is to identify what tests you need and to interpret the results, identify pathologies and create a proper action plan. DNA testing reveals the information encoded in your DNA, and we can evaluate how your genetic predispositions are affecting your genes’ “expression” in the future. We help you to customize your diet, supplementation, lifestyle choices, and exercise strategies to fit your personal situation based on the combination of your DNA permanent data as well as biochemical information at the present moment.