Personal Genomics

Lifestyle and Nutrition Plan based on your DNA profile.

Personal salivary DNA testing services is the most accurate, comprehensive and economical way to identify your genetic predispositions. No more guessing game about what is best for you. Your body knows it!


  • Create precise, targeted, individualized nutrition
  • Prevent health problems from happening
  • Identify key areas for more attention
  • Make sure your doctor visits match your DNA needs
  • Identify “hidden” nutritional gene mutations that may cause disease   

Our personal GENOMIC TESTS is a package solution containing:

  • 100+ DNA gene mutations involved in your everyday health
  • Consultation with doctor specializing in genetic analysis
  • Custom nutrition planning based on your DNA results
  • E-book with DNA specific foods and recipes
  • Shipping fees included. The test kit will be sent to you upon payment received

Take an action to identify the most important lifestyle and nutritional actions you can take based on your PERSONAL and unique DNA based genetic profile.

Everyday price – $579.00

17% off  Limited time offer – $482.00

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We are members of international association “MTHFR Doctors” – to test for MTHFR mutations and treat MTHFR related conditions naturally.

Includes consultation with recommendations – at the clinic, phone, or Skype. You can pick up the kit at the clinic or have it mailed to your home.