Emotional Excellence

Emotions is an important part of life. They serve as signals that something is going on that affects you.

Emotions are indicators that your values being either validated or violated. We like good emotions because we feel increased energy and vitality. Laughter makes us feel good every time. Joy, love, high self-confidence are emotions we are looking for. We are trying to get involved in situations that brings us only positive emotions.

On the other hand we dislike negative emotions because they quickly bring us down. Life brings challenges we need to resolve, and some of them are tough. Loss, sadness, anger have a place in our lives and we need to deal with them appropriately.

If you wouldn’t experience anger you perhaps wouldn’t know the difference between right and wrong.  If you wouldn’t experience grief  then how would you know you lost somebody who was important to you?

The mastery is about experiencing emotions without dwelling on them, to let go of the emotional charge that makes you ill, and to balance positive and negative.

Often emotion comes up automatically and we cannot even explain to ourselves why we are experiencing it. It happens because our neurology is wired up perfectly to create automatic reactions – it is a function of survival. However we are not doomed as our brain is super plastic and will re-wire if it is beneficial for us.

Emotional excellence is knowing your emotions, accepting they are there for a reason, uncovering that reason, and re-wiring your brain to change the automatic reaction to an action of your choice.