90 Day Belief Transformation Program

If you are reading these words it means you are in the conscious process of literally creating the life you want. 

You are creating your life in your everyday life emotional reality, visual representation, meditations, intentions. And when you complete parts of it the way that you like it very much – things start happening very fast. Because you already manifested it in every way possible. 

Your life right now is a product of your past decisions, and your decisions heavily depend on your overall belief system – what do you believe about yourself, the world, the order of life, priorities, and values. The trick is that all of your “core” beliefs are subconscious, and even the conscious beliefs you have a deeply rooted in the subconscious. This means they are not easily accessible and modifiable through cognitive psychology and/or other conscious processes like goal setting etc. 

Experts in human behavior agree that we need at least 3 months to gain the momentum and keep going, with the frequency of 1 or 2 sessions a week. 

Important: This process is NOT about goals or goal setting. Goals have very little to do with it. It is about clearing your way to the most compelling Vision of Life you can create. Goals come and go, and they are tightly related to your vision. Have your vision incorrectly and your goals can take you to places, maybe financially successful, however unfulfilled. 

You will be able to conquer your limiting beliefs that stand on your way to create the life you want. You will encounter them immediately as you start the process of imagining your life. They can come to you like a variety of paralyzing fears, voices in your head saying belittling things to you, the memory of previous negative experiences, etc. The thing about these beliefs is they are strong and subconscious and got to be dealt with very deliberately and with mastery. 

You have to transform them into beliefs you know will help you to create the life you want for yourself. 

The process includes the following and more:

  • Identifying and correctly describing the present situation – all the desirable and undesirable aspects of it.
  • Finding “weak” points in various areas of your life that prevent you from achieving what you want – success/peace/love/health/etc. 
  • Discover and transform subconscious limiting beliefs related to the “weak” points
  • Discover and transform “core” subconscious limiting beliefs such as “I don’t deserve it” “it’s not for me” “I’m not worth it” etc. We all have them about specific topics in our lives, I work with many super successful elite people and they have these beliefs too. They know what it prevents them from achieving and want to conquer these beliefs and get on an even higher level in their development.
  • Discover the style of action plan suitable for your personality, situation, and your time management and create morning and evening routines that are manageable and possible. 
  • Create a solid action plan so you can move forward easier and with grace.

You will be benefiting from Dr. Maya’s proprietary belies change system based on the best available mind technologies available for the rapid change and achieving lasting results.



Level 1 – Basic. Intensive Processing, and Fast Results. 

Your visits are scheduled once a week for 3 months. 12 sessions in total.

Your cost – $1,600 ( $500 savings from scheduling individual sessions)

Level 1 – Intensive. Rapid Change, Very Fast Results. 

Your visits are scheduled twice a week for 3 months. 24 sessions in total.

Your cost – $3,400 ( $800 savings from scheduling individual sessions)

You can contact us at 800-590-6292 or fill out our appointment request form and we will answer you within 48 hours or sooner.