Emotional Courage in the face of the Pandemic

There is so much going on in social media related to pandemic – local and global. The way we react to it is so incredibly important, and how we do that is directly related to how we go through it.
We are all doing the best we can, it’s a reality where everything is changing moment by moment.
How can we prepare ourselves to the changes that are happening in the current moment and what is coming first

I have been through a few global life-changing events and very familiar with the emotional storm it can bring – individual emotions and emotions of people around me. I wish it didn’t happen but it did. And I learned from it.

I learned how we all can be at our best and our worst, depending on what is being pushed.

I learned that Life has many sides – the incredible beauty and impermanence of it.

We are planning, setting goals and so on, and though intellectually we know it all can change at any moment and our plans might not work out, we are never really prepared for a situation like this when one of the immediate reactions is one of survival.

It is in our face – how much we are not in control.

So we have to tap into our inner wisdom and emotional courage.

It is time to face our emotions and honestly evaluate them. Positive thinking is a good concept and in cases like this, it will take time to get there. Because we don’t know what can happen.

What defines happiness as a goal – expectations that things will work out in our favor.

We must face our emotions with grace.
Fear, anger, frustration, worry, grief, sadness are very real and they exist to show you what you value in life because you need a contrast to know what is important.
These emotions exist to help us find ways to deal with the situation we didn’t choose.

Everything in life ends and it’s normal to experience all these emotions, don’t judge yourself or try to suppress difficult emotions and get stuck in them, rather reach inside your soul and find your emotional wisdom – the ability to be with these emotions with compassion.
It requires awareness, so when you feel difficult emotion like fear it is possible to pause and name it, and remember it is there to show you how strong you can be in the face of fear, that you can take a deep breath, tap into your wisdom, and make better choices for the best of all involved.

We will go through these difficult times. The question is: who will you be as you are emerging from a difficult situation. Are you going to be ashamed, in denial, or proud? I hope you will be proud of yourself.